3 easy steps to start your way to great skin!

Cattiva Girl

Posted on November 28 2018

3 easy steps to start your way to great skin!

A crucial part of looking gorgeous is having great skin! Though some of may have medical conditions that make it difficult to deal with, there are some easy steps we can take into healthier, plumper skin. Here are some great basic tips to push START on the road to a beautiful complexion:


The most important thing we need to understand is that great skin comes from within, so the most basic step is staying hydrated. Eight cups of water is the norm, but that number increases depending on your daily activity. If you stay hydrated, you are half-way there!

2. Wash your face:

We should all wash your face at morning and night, but reality is sometimes we forget. The habit we NEED to create is to wash our face at least at the end of the day! If there is only one thing you are going to do for your skin, washing your face before going to bed is it. Choose a mild soap that best suits your skin type and wash the day off.

3. Pamper yourself with a mask:

The best way to spend night in is by watching a good movie and throwing on a mask. You allow yourself to relax and at the same time you will be helping your skin! There are thousands of masks out there, you just need to choose the one you like the most. Here at CATTIVA we have some great options for you!!!

Here you have it: Three easy ways to start your way off to great skin. These are just some simple tricks to incorporate in your routine. 

Until next time!


Cattiva Girl 

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