Add some HEAT to winter!

Cattiva Girl

Posted on February 06 2019

Add some HEAT to winter!

For some years now, the fashion scene has been breaking the norm with traditional trends, and have started to add irreverent ideas to a specific season. This has been the case with winter, traditionally a cool-toned time in which navy, maroon, black and brown are the go to, is now a blank canvas for you to go into your closet and be as creative as you want.

There are great ways to get creative, from mixing patterns, to adding prints, you can be get creative and unleash your inner fashionista. A perfect way to do this, is using a warmer color palette than usual! Senses are connected, so if you are looking at something warm, you will feel warm and toasty.

Don’t be afraid to throw on a yellow top or electric blue bodysuit, or even red, this colours are not “summer exclusive” anymore, and you can use them however you please.

Click here to check out the pieces I have chosen to add HEAT to your winter looks, you will thank me when all eyes are on you!

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