Beat the winter dullness with some simple steps!

Cattiva Girl

Posted on January 30 2019

Beat the winter dullness with some simple steps!

As winter weather is in full swing, your skin and hair might feel dull and dehydrated, which is why, we must pay special attention to our hydration routine. It is super easy to forget about it and realize you are in drought zone when it is too late, so here I give you a few simple tricks to incorporate in your routine:

  1. Hydrate inside and out:

Think cozy warm drinks (hot cocoa, tea, soups…), but also think moisturizer, hydrating face and hair masks, and all those delicious treatments that help your skin. Even if you are on the oily side, during the colder months try to amp-up your moisture game, your skin and hair will thank you.

  1. Don’t strip your skin and hair from natural oils:

By all means, hygiene goes before anything else, but when washing your hair and face, make sure you are using a mild soap and moisturizing right after. Don’t wash your hair everyday if you can avoid it, and always go to bed with a hydrated face.

  1. Don´t forget your lips!

Lips are the easiest place to go super-dry, and if they are chapped it means it is way too late to start moisturizing. Make sure you exfoliate regularly and apply lip balm at least twice a day, this will make your lips plump and hydrated!

Remember only you can take care of yourself, and though it might sound like a drag, this are super simple steps to add into your routine so you will continue to look fabulous!

Until next time!


Cattiva Girl

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