Cold weather? Keep your look hot!

Cold weather? Keep your look hot!

As seasons change and weather gets colder, the need to dress accordingly increases. But doesn't mean you need to sacrifice style, actually quite the contrary! Fall and winter are two great opportunities to showcase your individuality and taste in bold statements. Here I give you my best tips that will be your starting point this season:

  1. Layers, layers, layers!

It’s easy to look heavy if you wear only one big coat... Instead, try layering shirts, cardigans, t-shirts and other pieces, combining colours and prints. I usually start with a tank or bodysuit to stay warm, a collared shirt and a knit sweater.

  1. Combine textures

A way to look stylish without looking too overdressed is to combine heavy fabrics with lightweight ones! A linen or woven shirt paired with a wool sweater gives a perfect balance, so don't be afraid to mix and match.

  1. For warmer days, be cohesive!

This means, if you wear a thick sweater and a scarf, then your shoes should go accordingly (no sandals!). If the forecast is a warm day, then layer lighter pieces and take one or two off as the day goes!

This are just three basic tips to keep in mind when putting an outfit together, colours, fabrics, patterns are styles are up to you!

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