Valentine’s Day: Cattiva Style

Cattiva Girl

Posted on February 13 2019

Valentine’s Day: Cattiva Style

Happy Galentine’s Day Cattiva Girls! Hope you are having a Wednesday full of adventures with your friends!!!

I know this is not an actual holiday, but it feels great to have a day in which to appreciate your friends and if work allows, spend some time with them. There are many ways to show your love to your gals, so here I give you three simple yet effective ideas to say “Love you, have a nice day!”:

1. Check in!!!

This is super important, because what we all really want is to feel acknowledged. A simple “how is your day going?” text can put a smile on your friend’s face who is currently miserable at work. So check in, let them know you care and carry on with your day (Bonus points for a funny GIF!).

2. Send them a “thinking of you” gift:

The web is full of affordable products that are perfect to say “you are in my thoughts”, so take five minutes of your day, hop online, and have a gift delivered to their address. At Cattiva Boutique we have super fun skin care products, makeup, and accessories perfect for this, so check them out here

3. Make dinner plans to catch up:

It can be today or over the weekend, depends on your availability! But get together, make a reservation at a cute restaurant, go all-glam and spend an evening laughing and catching up, focused on your group of friends rather than on men, work or other things! This is much more fun and much more affordable than therapy, and can be much more effective!

I hope you have an amazing day, you feel loved and appreciated and you give that love back to your loved ones!!


Until next time!


Cattiva Girl

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