Glamorous Halloween: 5 ideas for the costume season

Glamorous Halloween: 5 ideas for the costume season

Halloween is just around the corner and we know you are a busy boss lady but that’s no excuse to miss all the fun! 

Here you’ll find a few ideas to turn your Cattiva pieces into a stylish costume.

5 easy costume ideas for this Halloween

Hippie Chic 

Let’s start with a classic one!  All you need to complete the outfit is our Tie Dye Halter Dress and a pair of sandals, round sunglasses and a peace sign necklace. 


Glamorous Witch

21th Century witches are always ready to cast a spell just with their looks! 

All you need to complete the outfit it’s our Black Wrapped Layered Mini Dress, your best black shoes, maybe some black gloves, gorgeous jewelry and of course, a black hat. 


Modern Belle 

We all love a Disney princess and if you are looking for something simple and elegant then this is the one for you!.  Our Tie Sleeve Tencel Dress is the perfect piece, just add the final touch with a white apron and a couple of your favorite books.

If you want to spice it up and take a risk then try with this dress White Shirt + Slip Denim Dress


Stylish Safari guide

Celebrating the arrival of our new pieces we give you this idea with our  Manuela Pleated Button Dress. To complete the outfit you just need a pair of brown boots and a adventurous hat! 


Nocturnal animal

Simple and easy but always on point! There are many ways to get this costume done, for example, you can use our Animal Print Bodysuit with black pants and heels.



Don't miss the fun and dress up this Halloween!



Cattiva Girl.

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