Perfect Dresses For The Season

Perfect Dresses For The Season

Ready to hit the summer? Whether you're heading to a resort, planning a beach date, or just chilling by the bay with your friends, you'll might want to think about what to wear. Don’t worry, Cattiva has the best variety of options to fit those occasions.

Tye Dye Halter Dress 

Your trip is about get much better because it provides you the perfect opportunity to wear the  Tie Dye Halter Dress. Make sure to grab this super comfortable dress ASAP, it's absolutely perfect for the summer getaway! The lovely tie-dye scarf halter dress can be worn over a swimsuit or as a sheer dress. 

Palms Tie Shoulder Mini Dress

Beautifully tropical printed Palms Tie Shoulder Mini Dress, keyhole front and shoulder tie detail and you will get a flattering silhouette. Get the dream of faraway shores and summertime fun with this stunning mini dress. Featuring a fun palm print and flattering tie waist detail, you'll look sizzling in the sunshine. Team with espadrilles to nail summertime chic.

Strapless High Low Striped Dress

Rock this strapless midi dress on your vacations! The Strapless High Low Striped Dress is the new boho at its very best, thanks to this dress features a strapless neckline, flexible boning for added support, lace up at the back, with an asymmetrical high low hem finished in an all over textured stripe pattern. Fall in line and fall in love. Pull this dress off wearing white wedges. 

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