Styling animal print is much easier than it seems!

Styling animal print is much easier than it seems!

Some say fashion is a cycle, and that is especially true for some trends such as animal print! Opinions on it are varied and bold, but one thing we can say for sure: Animal print has been here for a while and is not going anywhere. The important details is to know how to play with the prints to make the look trendy and cool, so here I give you my tips on styling animal print pieces:

  1. Only one animal!

This means exactly that! Use prints of one animal at a time, don’t combine cheetah and snake on the same outfit, but instead try to choose the one you are more in the mood for that day and work around it, save the other members of the animal kingdom for another day.

  1. Combine the print with one bold color:

Though considered sometimes a neutral, animal print can catch the eye pretty quickly, so a great way of playing with it, is combining it with a bold color such as red that create contrast. This will draw equal attention to your whole outfit, and gives your look a more energised vibe.

  1. Black is your best friend:

If you want your print to stand out or simply make it more elegant, combine it with all black pieces, this way you are not adding any other colors to your look’s palette!

And if you want to get new and trendy animal print pieces to your wardrobe, CATTIVA has exactly that, so check out our collection:

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Cattiva Girl

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