The Little Black Dress, done by Cattiva

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Posted on February 20 2019

The Little Black Dress, done by Cattiva

Though style and fashion are as unique to each person as it gets, there are certain classic or statement pieces basic in any wardrobe. Pieces like a pair of jeans or a white tee (with infinite styles) are basics that every woman considers a must in her closet!

This is the case of the legendary “little black dress”, as versatile as it gets, this piece is present in every woman’s closet, sometimes in many versions at once. Here I give you Cattiva Boutique’s take on the classic made famous by the legendary Audrey Hepburn on Breakfast at Tiffany’s:

1. The simple version with a sexy twist: 

This dress is a simple form-fitting dress that is a blank canvas to style it however you want, but if you look closely at the side, you will find a laced-up detailing on the side that says “I am sexy, look at me” in a subtle and elegant tone. Get it by clicking here.

2. The not really all-black dress:

A great way of fooling those around you, is by wearing a lbd that is not fully black. Think a pattern, think a print, think details, and this plaid dress is perfect for that (Extra points for long sleeves for those nights you want to look super cute but also not freeze!). Get it by clicking here.

3. The “look at me” dress:

Sometimes when we step out we are feeling super confident and want all eyes to be on us, and this dress gives you exactly that while still being comfortable and very classy, so make sure to check it out! Get it by clicking here.

Make sure to check out our LBDs and make a statement every time you wear one of these classics!

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